The “Gain Muscle Naturally” Myth

Gain Muscle Naturally

There is a huge incentive for fitness and cover models most of whom are sponsored by supplement companies to pretend that their physiques are purely the result of hard training in specific regimes and the use of certain supplements. They state that you can  gain muscle naturally if you follow their “best system” and ingest […]

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Big Guts And The Demise Of Modern Bodybuilding

demise of modern bodybuilding

“When they get a 50-inch waist and a gorilla butt, it’s ugly looking – and I think bodybuilding has become ugly looking.” – Joe Gold At the recent Arnold classic show Arnold Schwarzenegger criticised the  current judging standards and  highlighted  the demise of  modern bodybuilding. He stated that the athletes’ bodies no longer looked “beautiful” […]

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Kipping Pull Ups good or bad?

Outside of cross fit kipping pull ups have drawn their fair share of controversy and haters. Much of this is no doubt due to the negativity that abounds regarding this increasingly popular mode of training.  Many of our established physical culture gurus have also given this exercise short thrift. Detractors cite the fact that Kipping […]

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