Stronglifts 5×5 Workout Review

Stronglifts 5x5 Workout

Why is a training program necessary ? Many trainees arrive at the gym and “bust their balls” doing whatever exercises they feel like doing for that particular workout. A far more sensible alternative is to follow an effective system tailored to your goals. Whist training to a pre-planned system is arguably not always a prerequisite […]

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Dying To Be Bigger – From Sandow To Freak Show

Dying To Be Bigger

In their relentless pursuit of increased muscle mass and extreme definition regardless of cost, many modern bodybuilders are literally dying to be bigger. It wasn’t always like this. From Sandow to Freak Show A long time ago before bodybuilding became a burgeoning growth industry bodybuilders exemplified the virtues of health, strength and beauty and the […]

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Can You Gain Muscle And Lose Fat At The Same Time?

gain muscle and lose fat at the same time

The question of whether it is possible to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time has been continuously debated for as long as I can remember. Opinions vary widely but the fact that it continues to be asked indicates the answer to this question is not entirely resolved. The law of thermodynamics states […]

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Athletic Success – The Harsh Reality

Athletic Success

  Elite athletic success is determined by multiple factors including genetics, training and coaching. An individual must also possess the motivation, grit and mental fortitude to undergo the rigours of training and relentlessly pursue their goal. Mindset and Athletic success Mindset is everything – the single most important factor that influences and effects athletic performance […]

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6 Common Bicep Training Mistakes

Common bicep training mistakes

Biceps are like ornaments on a Christmas tree” Ed Coan In my early teenage years I made many bicep training mistakes. Like many beginner trainees I desired big biceps and  so the first weight training exercise I learned was the bicep curl. Raising the arm and flexing the biceps is and always has been synonymous […]

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Reflections On Common Weight Training Mistakes

Common weight training mistakes

Personal Trainer Helping Client In Gym Photo   Whichever gym you currently use, and wherever it is situated, you do not have to look far to witness common weight training mistakes. One of the most frequently observed is trainees putting too much weight on the bar. Many of these trainees attempting to gain muscle, can […]

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7 Rules For Building A Big Yoke

Building a big yoke

More than any other muscle the trapezius is symbolic of great strength and power. There is a reason for this. Really big traps are not built without lifting heavy loads. They’re built by performing heavy multi-joint movements such as cleans and deadlifts, not by just pissing around with pansy weights for high repetitions. Building a […]

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Weight Training Consistency – The Key To Success

Weight training consistency

  The consistent application of basic principles is the  key  ingredient of success for trainees commencing on their path to becoming bigger and stronger versions of themselves. The importance of this teaching has largely been ignored, or replaced by the marketing of high – tech training routines, machines, so called “secrets” and other dubious training […]

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3 Essentials To Build Size And Strength

build size and strength

The following 3 protocols are essential in order to build size and strength : 1. Training Intensity In order to build size and strength you must train with sufficient intensity. Hypertrophy is a function of human physiology – a response of high intensity muscular overload. The muscles of the human body respond to the intensity of […]

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11 Bodybuilding Training Tips


The following 11 bodybuilding training tips will help optimise your success 1. Adopt 45 minute workouts In order to optimise your bodybuilding training success, you need to keep your workouts around 45 minutes duration. Unless you are chemically enhanced working out intensely for anything in excess of 45 minutes is rather pointless. In fact its […]

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