The Importance Of Deadlifting

The Importance of deadlifting

Why is The Deadlift Important? Good question, which is frequently asked by trainees. Admittedly Deadlifts are not an absolute prerequisite to getting bigger and stronger, and certainly not everyone has to do heavy Deadifts. Those who can’t learn to perform the movement correctly, or have a back injury for example, shouldn’t do them. The importance […]

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11 Benefits Of Kettlebell Training

Benefits of Kettlebell Training

11 Benefits of Kettlebell Training Stuck in a rut? “Bust out of it in a big way with a kettlebell workout. This old-school piece of equipment is a throwback to the dawn of strength training; many of you may not be familiar with it. After a brief introduction to its physique -building values, we feel […]

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Weight Training Consistency – The Key To Success

Weight training consistency

  The consistent application of basic principles is the  key  ingredient of success for trainees commencing on their path to becoming bigger and stronger versions of themselves. The importance of this teaching has largely been ignored, or replaced by the marketing of high – tech training routines, machines, so called “secrets” and other dubious training […]

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3 Essentials To Build Size And Strength

build size and strength

The following 3 protocols are essential in order to build size and strength : 1. Training Intensity In order to build size and strength you must train with sufficient intensity. Hypertrophy is a function of human physiology – a response of high intensity muscular overload. The muscles of the human body respond to the intensity of […]

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The Five Best Tricep Exercises

Exercises to build size and strength

© Arne9001 | – Man in gym at dip exercise In his bodybuilding magnum opus and possibly the  greatest weight training reference ever written “Keys to the inner universe” the legendary Bill Pearl listed an incredible 300 plus tricep exercises. All these movements from this encyclopedia can be distilled down to the five best tricep exercises […]

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The Best Back Exercise You’re Not Doing

Snatch grip rack pulls from the second peg This is one of those exercises that you rarely see performed in a gym, which is a shame as I believe that it is possibly the best back exercise in existence. Like squats and conventional dead lifts, it is easy to perform, but tough on the body […]

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Principles Of Physical Training Adaptation

principles of physical training adaptation

 “The internal processes of muscle growth are seriously complicated, people devote their lives to it, but the external processes that kick it off, the things in your control can be distilled down to a few principles: Get stronger in the right rep ranges, eat appropriately, commit to the program and consistently work hard at it.” […]

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