5 Rules For Building A Great Physique

Building a great physique

Building A Great Physique Building a great physique usually entails spending quality time in the gymnasium. This means training intensely enough to produce the over compensatory mechanisms required to initiate growth. Quality training means spending an hour or less in the gym. Training for longer is counterproductive. This will go some way towards attaining the […]

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Beginners Bodybuilding Routine

Beginners Bodybuilding Routine

There are a number of people who have not formerly trained to any great extent on changing their body composition, but want to achieve their dream body. My initial response to their first foray into bodybuilding, is normally to point them in the direction of the excellent Rippetoe’s “Starting Strength” or “Stronglifts 5 x 5”. Granted […]

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The 20 Minute Miracle Workout

Miracle workout

We live in a hectic 24/7 world. Working hours have increased as has the available entertainment and other distractions. If you are a regular at the gym, your time is limited, and your purpose is to put some decent muscle on your frame, then this twenty minute  Miracle Workout will do just that. You do […]

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Machine Training For Hypertrophy

Machine training

If you are an athlete and train to improve your performance, then becoming stronger in functional movement patterns will assist in this endeavour, and is the reason that athletes employ weight training. It doesn’t improve their technique or skill, as these attributes are trained by practicing their chosen discipline itself. However any discipline that would […]

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11 Benefits Of Kettlebell Training

Benefits of Kettlebell Training

11 Benefits of Kettlebell Training Stuck in a rut? “Bust out of it in a big way with a kettlebell workout. This old-school piece of equipment is a throwback to the dawn of strength training; many of you may not be familiar with it. After a brief introduction to its physique -building values, we feel […]

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Build Big Shoulders Safely

Build Big Shoulders

© Georgerudy | Dreamstime.com – Strong Man Photo From an aesthetics viewpoint the most important muscles to develop are the deltoids. They give the shoulders width, especially development of the medial head. Coupled with a lean mid section, big shoulders give the much sought after “V” shape. If you are lucky to be blessed with […]

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6 Common Bicep Training Mistakes

Common bicep training mistakes

Biceps are like ornaments on a Christmas tree” Ed Coan In my early teenage years I made many bicep training mistakes. Like many beginner trainees I desired big biceps and  so the first weight training exercise I learned was the bicep curl. Raising the arm and flexing the biceps is and always has been synonymous […]

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Weight Training Consistency – The Key To Success

Weight training consistency

  The consistent application of basic principles is the  key  ingredient of success for trainees commencing on their path to becoming bigger and stronger versions of themselves. The importance of this teaching has largely been ignored, or replaced by the marketing of high – tech training routines, machines, so called “secrets” and other dubious training […]

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3 Essentials To Build Size And Strength

build size and strength

The following 3 protocols are essential in order to build size and strength : 1. Training Intensity In order to build size and strength you must train with sufficient intensity. Hypertrophy is a function of human physiology – a response of high intensity muscular overload. The muscles of the human body respond to the intensity of […]

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11 Bodybuilding Training Tips


The following 11 bodybuilding training tips will help optimise your success 1. Adopt 45 minute workouts In order to optimise your bodybuilding training success, you need to keep your workouts around 45 minutes duration. Unless you are chemically enhanced working out intensely for anything in excess of 45 minutes is rather pointless. In fact its […]

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