Athletic Success – The Harsh Reality

Athletic Success

  Elite athletic success is determined by multiple factors including genetics, training and coaching. An individual must also possess the motivation, grit and mental fortitude to undergo the rigours of training and relentlessly pursue their goal. Mindset and Athletic success Mindset is everything – the single most important factor that influences and effects athletic performance […]

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Weight Training Consistency – The Key To Success

Weight training consistency

  The consistent application of basic principles is the  key  ingredient of success for trainees commencing on their path to becoming bigger and stronger versions of themselves. The importance of this teaching has largely been ignored, or replaced by the marketing of high – tech training routines, machines, so called “secrets” and other dubious training […]

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Visualisation For Athletic Success

Visualisation for athletic success

The power of the mind in assisting athletes to become sucesssful in their chosen endeavours, has been known for many decades. The soviets advocated visualisation for athletic success way back in the 1970s, and acheived great results with their athletes partially because of this. They recognised early on the impact of the mind on physical […]

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