profile picShaun is an old school personal trainer and fitness enthusiast who has been a dedicated student of the Iron game for many decades. He is also a qualified life coach and mental health practitioner, with extensive experience in cognitive approaches to self improvement.

Utilising research based methodology and personal experience in the trenches, Shaun’s ongoing mission is to inspire others to reach their personal goals by delivering honest, no nonsense, practical advice to those wishing to develop their body, mind and spirit.

He may debunk a few sacred lies in the process.

Your achievements will ultimately be a reflection of  your personal investment in time and effort. You must also ignite the inner fire of self belief.

“There are no short cuts, as there are no limits – only those which are self imposed”

This site is the culmination of over thirty years of personal training and development during which I have undergone considerable change. One reason  I  created this site  was because I was tired of the misinformation relentlessly being espoused via media outlets regarding what is, and is not  physically attainable by common mortal man. I believe that it is important to give honest practical training advice, expose and dispel mythology and correctly educate others.

Ideally information and methodology can also be backed up by objective research and not rely on outdated paradigms. Sometimes however “practice based evidence” is more important than “evidence based practice” especially in a field of physical culture, health and nutrition where a plethora of conflicting information abounds. Despite our commonalities in human physiology we are all to a degree unique in our training response.

We live in an era where the lie is marketed as the truth. It is important, especially for those on the start of their journey, to attain real world knowledge and cultivate intuition. Otherwise we may fall prey to the snake oil salesmen, keyboard warriors and other charlatans masquerading as experts, who perpetuate the internet and other media outlets.

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