5 Essential Weight Training Exercises


Training to get big and strong is relatively simple. There are no secrets or special exercises. The movements required are all “big bang for the buck” exercises which cover all the bases. You wont find any isolation exercises in this list. They are not required neither will they build any appreciable size or overall body […]

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7 Gym No-No’s

gym no-no's

  Gym behaviour to avoid – Gym No-No’s   1.Neglecting to use proper exercise form If your intention is to put extra muscle on your frame then sacrificing exercise form in order to lift more weight is one of the big gym No-No’s. Swinging the weight or using any action to move the load other than […]

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The Case For Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements

There is far too much emphasis placed on dietary supplements as a means to improve physical performance or aid in the aquisition  of additional muscle size. If you really think that pills, powders and drink mixes are going to build your body for you, you’re setting yourself up for a huge reality check and a  […]

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The Best Exercise You Are Not Doing

Strength and conditioning

  I was asked by a friend recently in the gym a rather difficult question – if you could only ever do one exercise which one would you choose? Initially I found this question difficult to answer and I struggled to choose. I said the exercise would probably need to offer both cardio and strength […]

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