Health And Strength Training

Health and strength

Training for health and strength Former athletes and older trainees over the age of forty, frequently wish to maintain a satisfactory level of strength and conditioning. Often however the reason for this is to enhance their quality of life outside of the gymnasium. We still want to look good, feel good and preserve our health […]

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The Importance Of Deadlifting

The Importance of deadlifting

Why Is The Deadlift Important?Good question, which is frequently asked by trainees. Admittedly Deadlifts are not an absolute prerequisite to getting bigger and stronger, and certainly not everyone has to do heavy Deadifts. Those who can’t learn to perform the movement correctly, or have a back injury for example, shouldn’t do them. The importance of […]

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10 Benefits Of Resistance Training

Benefits of resistance training

  The process of resistance training involves the muscles and skeleton working against an external force, either induced by external resistance (lifting weights) or gravity ( jumping, sprinting or bodyweight training). Resistance training tends to be focused on power, and utilises predominantly anaerobic energy systems. The benefits of resistance training, including increased strength, and hypertrophy, […]

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