Is The Anabolic Window A Myth ?

Anabolic Window

The Anabolic Window It has been a long held belief by many bodybuilding trainees that it is neccesary to ingest an easily digestable protein immediately or soon after a bodybuilding workout. The “anabolic window” as it is known is variously touted as being between 30 mins and 2 hours duration post workout. The rationale for […]

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Training In Old School Gymnasiums


Old School Training Looking back many decades I remember old school gymnasiums had a certain “feel”. They looked like dungeons or medieval torture chambers. They were generally peopled by focused individuals intent on relentlessly pursuing a strength or size goal. Many of the denizens of this old school training realm were possessed of great size […]

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Is Additional Protein Necessary For Natural Athletes?

additional protein

The argument about additional protein has raged for decades, and has provided us with a number of myths some of which refuse to go away. I’ve recently been banned from an old school bodybuilding facebook group for having the temerity to suggest that trainees do not need to ingest protein every two hours. Admitedly I […]

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