5 Exercises To Avoid, Always

Exercises to avoid

  There are a diverse number of exercises to help physically develop the body. Most of these are well designed, user friendly and can be utilised effectively in your training program. A number of these however remain exercises to avoid, because they will inevitably cause injury at some point down the line. This article highlights […]

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Are You A Gym Idiot ?

gym idiot

Are you a gym idiot? I definitely was for a period during my mid to late teenage years. Now as an old grizzled veteran, I pause and reflect on the young me, whilst watching the young gym wanabees doing exactly the same shit as I used to do. Not only in the gym, but at […]

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Build Big Shoulders Safely

Build Big Shoulders

© Georgerudy | Dreamstime.com – Strong Man Photo From an aesthetics viewpoint the most important muscles to develop are the deltoids. They give the shoulders width, especially development of the medial head. Coupled with a lean mid section, big shoulders give the much sought after “V” shape. If you are lucky to be blessed with […]

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5 More Bodybuilding Training Myths

Bodybuilding training myths

There are numerous bodybuilding training myths some of which  I have already covered but here are 5 more I have recently encountered: 5 Bodybuilding training myths 1.Someone with a great physique will be knowledgeable about fitness and physique development. Understandably one of the commoner bodybuilding training myths but this statement is not  necessarily true I’m […]

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