Weight Training Consistency – The Key To Success

Weight training consistency

  The consistent application of basic principles is the  key  ingredient of success for trainees commencing on their path to becoming bigger and stronger versions of themselves. The importance of this teaching has largely been ignored, or replaced by the marketing of high – tech training routines, machines, so called “secrets” and other dubious training […]

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3 Essentials To Build Size And Strength

build size and strength

The following 3 protocols are essential in order to build size and strength : 1. Training Intensity In order to build size and strength you must train with sufficient intensity. Hypertrophy is a function of human physiology – a response of high intensity muscular overload. The muscles of the human body respond to the intensity of […]

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11 Bodybuilding Training Tips


The following 11 bodybuilding training tips will help optimise your success 1. Adopt 45 minute workouts In order to optimise your bodybuilding training success, you need to keep your workouts around 45 minutes duration. Unless you are chemically enhanced working out intensely for anything in excess of 45 minutes is rather pointless. In fact its […]

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