Visualisation For Athletic Success

Visualisation for athletic success

The power of the mind in assisting athletes to become sucesssful in their chosen endeavours, has been known for many decades. The soviets advocated visualisation for athletic success way back in the 1970s, and acheived great results with their athletes partially because of this. They recognised early on the impact of the mind on physical […]

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The Dietary Cholesterol Myth

The dietary cholesterol myth

Statins and the dietary cholesterol myth Cholesterol has been demonised in conventional medicine and the media as the major cause of heart disease. The research is clear and indicates that elevated cholesterol is indeed associated with cardiovascular disease. Enter statins the cure all, cholesterol-lowering drugs, which  do help prevent cardiovascular disease, but their effect is […]

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10 Secrets To Bodybuilding Success…

Bodybuilding success

There are no real “secrets” to bodybuilding  success. Success in bodybuilding or any athletic pursuit is dependent on a multitude of factors many which are within your control and some that are not. There are no “secrets” however, no special training routines, just the neccesity to adhere to some fundamental basic principles governing training, nutrition […]

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Wisdom Of The Masters

wisdom of the masters

© Vasilis Ververidis | – Statue of Aristotle a great greek philosopher   Standing on the shoulders of giants We stand on the shoulders of giants learning the wisdom of the masters. Since time immemorial some individuals imbued with unique characteristics, abilities and vision have stood taller and seen further than their fellow man. […]

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Bodybuilding Home Truths

bodybuilding home truths

© Laurence Agron | – Mamdouh Elsbbiay (Big Ramy) Some  bodybuilding home truths It is an unfortunate fact of life that Bodybuilding results are limited for everyone. As much as we all would like to believe it’s a pursuit which will facilitate endless progress it is unfortunately very definitely a finite endeavor. There is […]

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6 Supplements To Optimise Physical Performance

optimise physical performance

The sport supplement industry is stacked with products that claim to optimise physical performance and give athletes an edge and/or improve their recuperative ability. Due to less than stringent regulatory practices a manufacturer can make claims for their products that will never in reality  stack up but will probably drain your wallet. Below however are […]

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