9 Great Reasons To Drink Coffee

reasons to drink coffee

We know that anything taken to excess is usually not good. Many things which are harmful in large quantities however can¬† benefit health when taken in moderation. After all it is the dose that makes the poison. Coffee for example, is a controversial drink which has its detractors (due to its caffiene content), however the […]

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7 Big Bodybuilding Myths

BIg bodybuilding myths

There are a great number of ¬†bodybuilding myths – here are seven more most of us have heard at one time or another. Many of these big bodybuilding myths are still believed and debated on bodybuilding forums by people who should know better! Big bodybuilding myths 1. The more protein I ingest the bigger my […]

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5 Essential Supplements For Optimal Health

Optimal health

  In order to achieve and maintain athletic performance you must have optimal health. The maintenance of optimal health should be your primary concern and should be prioritised before the attainment of physical strength. Athletic performance then becomes a natural progression. That being said, unfortunately modern diets are often filled with processed foods that do […]

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