9 Big Bodybuilding Myths

9 big bodybuilding myths

Despite being refuted by logic and research there continue to be an inordinate amount of bodybuilding myths that just wont go away. Here are 9 to start us off and I will include more in future articles. They are in no particular order of importance but still require flagging up. 9  Bodybuilding Myths: The more […]

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Choosing The Best Whey Protein Powder

best whey protein powder

© Deymos | Dreamstime.com – Scoop of chocolate whey protein Whey has become a must have supplement for most bodybuilders and other athletes because it’s the best quality protein. More recently, whey has also caught the attention of the anti aging/longevity minded groups also for its purported beneficial effects. If you are using nutritional supplements, chances […]

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The Five Best Tricep Exercises

Weighted dips

© Arne9001 | Dreamstime.com – Man in gym at dip exercise In his bodybuilding magnum opus and possibly the  greatest weight training reference ever written “Keys to the inner universe” the legendary Bill Pearl listed an incredible 300 plus tricep exercises. All these movements from this encyclopedia can be distilled down to the five best tricep exercises […]

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