The Best Back Exercise You’re Not Doing

Snatch grip rack pulls from the second peg This is one of those exercises that you rarely see performed in a gym, which is a shame as I believe that it is possibly the best back exercise in existence. Like squats and conventional dead lifts, it is easy to perform, but tough on the body […]

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How To Optimise Training Recovery

training recovery

The best training system will be one that allows you to train with the most intensity and frequency that you can optimally recover from. You can improve the adaptive response to training by improving the quality of your training and/or optimising your training recovery between sessions. But how is this best achieved? This is a […]

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Principles Of Physical Training Adaptation

principles of physical training adaptation

 “The internal processes of muscle growth are seriously complicated, people devote their lives to it, but the external processes that kick it off, the things in your control can be distilled down to a few principles: Get stronger in the right rep ranges, eat appropriately, commit to the program and consistently work hard at it.” […]

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How To Get Reliable Physical Training Advice

Physical Training Advice

“I’m sure you’ve all read the latest article on the popular muscle building sites about how to develop a fuller, thicker back with “these 2 new maximal hypertrophy igniting muscle shocking lifts!” The title lures you in, but when you get inside, you find a small man doing strange movements that make little sense and […]

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